Jessica Burnett

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Connexions - Rice University:  I created two banners and two Google Play icons for CNX Flashcards. I used Illustrator and Photoshop. It is worth mentioning I did these designs, which were not part of my tasks. I volunteered my UI skills to help a Google Summer of Code Student when he built the Andriod app using Java. I helped with these graphics specifically. Also worth mentioning, this has been rebranded to OpenStax CNX and the app is currently called Quiz Cards(look familiar?).

Softway Solutions: I created this navigation design using Photoshop. It was one of four design choices.

cnxflashcards-banner googlePlay_icon_lite googlePlay_orange

Android App - Google Play


User Interface


Softway Solutions:  I created this user profile view. The initial design is done using Photoshop. Then I created a basic page mockup using pure HTML/CSS